Decoding a Nutritional Facts Label in 2018

October Bulletin: Decoding a Nutritional Facts Label in 2018: If you’ve ever finished a bag of potato chips, then looked at the nutritional facts label, you probably discovered that the amount you consumed was actually double, triple or even quadruple what you thought it was. Confusing nutritional facts labels make it difficult to truly understand[…]

Mental Health and Wellness

This quarterly health bulletin focuses on the topic of mental wellness and steps coaches can take to identify and address issues you or a loved one may be facing. The NBCA is very proud to collaborate with NBA Cares, The Jed Foundation (“JED”), and Stacy Goldberg with the goal of educating Coaches on mental health[…]

Health Trends to Look Out For in 2018

March Bulletin: Health Trends to Look Out For in 2018 With the 2018 New Year in full swing, the inevitable buzz surrounding new diet and health and wellness trends has already begun. Navigating these trends can be difficult for even the most discerning consumer, coach, or nutritionist. The nutrition industry is one whose tides shift[…]

Getting Off The Charter Without Getting Sick

9 Tips For Flying Healthy   1. STAY WELL HYDRATED/ NASAL PASSAGE PROTECTED Planes have very low cabin humidity due to the low humidity found at high elevation, which dries the nasal passages and the throat. This inhibits the body’s natural drainage system that carries any viruses or bacteria encountered on a plane (and there[…]

Coaches Lets Take Another Look at Breakfast

Is Your Breakfast The Breakfast of Champions? “Better Eat Your Wheaties”, “Eat The Best, Beat The Best” and “Fuel For Champions” has been the mantra for the cereal that supposedly fuels elite athletes in every sport, including basketball. While we know the importance of carbohydrates and B vitamins to drive performance and provide energy, is this the right breakfast for an NBA[…]