Monty Williams Hosts Meal for 200-plus at NOLA Mission

As the executive director for the New Orleans Mission, David Bottner sees Monty Williams as a familiar face not because Williams is the head coach of the city’s NBA team. No, Williams is well-known to Bottner due to the regular visits Williams makes to the Mission, a homeless shelter in Central City.  “Before the (NBA)[...]

Monty Williams of the New Orleans Pelicans helps make a wish

On December 10th, 2013 Monty Williams of the New Orleans Pelicans helped make the wish of 17-year-old Zevon Franklin of Brooklyn, New York come true. Williams gave the Make-a-Wish recipient a personal tour of the new Pelicans practice facility  in Metairie, Louisiana. Zevon will also got to attend the Pelicans match-up with the Detroit Pistons.

Joseph Abboud Named Official Wardrobe Supplier to National Basketball Coaches Association

FREMONT, Calif., Dec. 10, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Joseph Abboud will be adding a touch of style to the basketball court as the Head Coaches of the NBA wear his custom tailored clothing during the 2013-2014 season. This is Joseph Abboud’s fifth season as the official wardrobe supplier to the National Basketball Coaches Association. The coaches[...]

Jeff Hornacek and the Use of Sports Psychology

“Hate” is a strong word. I use it sparingly and am intentional when I do. I hate sports clichés. In my humble opinion, most are irrelevant and superfluous. Here are several commonly heard sports clichés that substantiate my claim: “It’s a game of inches.” Translation: Maybe, but you probably just have better players. “That was a gutsy play.” Translation:[...]