NEW YORK, April 19, 2018 – The membership of the National Basketball Coaches Association (all Head and Assistant Coaches in the NBA and its alumni group) mourn the passing of Erin Popovich, wife of Coach Gregg Popovich. Our Coaches are deeply saddened by the loss of Erin Popovich and join the greater NBA community in[...]

Bill Bayno’s Coaching Technique to Help Develop Young Star

Source: Scott Cacciola, The New York Times Domantas Sabonis, the forward caught by surprise when the Oklahoma City Thunder traded him to the Indiana Pacers last July, was in store for even more shock when he arrived in Indianapolis for summer workouts: Bill Bayno, an assistant coach for the Pacers, outfitted himself with huge pads on[...]

Meet Boston Celtics Coach Brad Stevens

Boston Celtics Coach Brad Stevens walks you through part of his journey in becoming an NBA head coach. Coach Stevens is originally from Indiana and didn’t anticipate to be in basketball after college. He planned on going into the corporate by starting a job at a pharmaceutical company. Shortly after that job, Coach Stevens realized[...]

Elton Brand and Jim O’brien: Control the Middle – Duck in Drop Step

Philadelphia 76ers former two-time NBA All Star Elton Brand takes you through the proper position to control the middle of the post. This lesson focuses on a move out of the post known as the duck in drop step. Elton Brand is working with 76ers assistant coach Jim O’Brien to help you learn when to[...]

Assistant Coach Johnnie Bryant’s Impact on the Utah Jazz

Source: Kyle Goon, The Salt Lake City Tribune He hacks. He shoves. His critiques are quiet, yet they cut. Johnnie Bryant finds a player’s limit in a workout then he pushes him past it. He still playfully argues with former Jazzman Ronnie Price about an offseason workout they had a few years back. After a[...]