From Player to Coach: Sam Cassell and his Tenure With The Clippers

Source: Thomas Fenn, Fansided From the court to the sidelines, Sam Cassell has been through the ups and downs of being with the Los Angeles Clippers. Widely known as one of the most lopsided trades in NBA history was that which brought the seasoned Sam Cassell to the Clippers in 2005. Cassell had been through[…]

This Houston Rockets Assistant Coach Is Rewarded by His Players Success

After finishing an 8 year career in the NBA and overseas, Houston Rockets assistant Coach Roy Rogers seized the opportunity to stay close to the game by getting into coaching. More video content from the NBA Coaches Association here:

Assistant Coaches Noted as Possible Head Coach Candidates

Source: Kevin Arnovitz, ESPN Excerpt: As teams with openings survey the coaching talent pool, they’ll recognize a few subspecies among the candidates. We’ve been performing this exercise since 2013 (five of the seven names on that list were subsequently hired as head coaches). Our 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 lists included Quin Snyder, Atkinson and Tyronn Lue. Following are some names that have[…]

Bill Bayno’s Coaching Technique to Help Develop Young Star

Source: Scott Cacciola, The New York Times Domantas Sabonis, the forward caught by surprise when the Oklahoma City Thunder traded him to the Indiana Pacers last July, was in store for even more shock when he arrived in Indianapolis for summer workouts: Bill Bayno, an assistant coach for the Pacers, outfitted himself with huge pads on[…]

Elton Brand and Jim O’brien: Control the Middle – Duck in Drop Step

Philadelphia 76ers former two-time NBA All Star Elton Brand takes you through the proper position to control the middle of the post. This lesson focuses on a move out of the post known as the duck in drop step. Elton Brand is working with 76ers assistant coach Jim O’Brien to help you learn when to[…]