1976: NBA Coaches Association Founded

1976: Pension Plan Initiated

1980: Selection of Michael H. Goldberg as Association’s First Executive Director

1986: Disability Plan Initiated

1989: Pension Plan Increase

1990: Joint Licensing (Marketing) Agreement/NBA Properties Inc./NBCA/Established

1990: Voluntary Supplemental Retirement/Rainy Day Fund Initiated

1991: Stan Morken / Cantella & Co. retained as NBA Coaches Association retirement benefits consultants

1993: Pension Plan Increase

1994: Joint Licensing (Marketing) Agreement/NBA Properties Inc./NBCA/Increase

1996: ESPN/NBA Matchup – To Feature “Coaches Corner” Segment

1997: Pension Plan Increase

1999: Joint Licensing (Marketing) Agreement/NBA Properties Inc./NBCA/Increase

1999: NBA Store “Coaches Corner” – A section of the NBA’s Flagship store on Fifth Avenue in New York City is dedicated to NBA Coaches and their merchandise/publications

2000: NBA / NBA Head Coaches / Officials Annual Summit – An annual meeting jointly organized by the NBA and the Coaches Association. Attendees: NBA Head Coaches, Officials and the League Basketball Operations Department. This event permits the parties to interact “off-the-court” and to discuss rules, other game related issues, and points of emphasis for the upcoming season

2002: NBA.com / Coaches Corner – Active and Inactive Coaches provide expert analysis for key weekly network television games as a way to promote NBA basketball

2004: Joint Licensing (Marketing) Agreement/NBA Properties Inc./NBCA/Increase

2005: NBA Coaches Association Rules Committee – Formed to create a vehicle for Coaches to have input into the NBA Basketball Operations Department and the NBA Rules and Competition Committee on suggested change for the betterment of the game

2007: Pension Plan Increase

2007: Joint Licensing (Marketing) Agreement/NBA Properties Inc./NBCA/Increase

2007: NBA Coaches for Kids – Establishment of NBA Coaches Association/Boys & Girls Clubs of America NBA Coaches for Kids Program (in conjunction with team General Managers and NBA Athletic Trainers). This program eventually saw millions of dollars donated to the Boys & Girls Club of America. These funds allowed over 200,000 boys and girls club members to attend NBA games and interact with Coaches, Assistant Coaches, and Athletic Trainers, who promoted the Boys & Girls Club message to the attendees

2008: Head Coaches/Joseph Abboud Apparel Program – Joseph Abboud Company provides apparel to all participating Head Coaches as the “Official Wardrobe Supplier to the NBCA”

2008: Chuck Daly Lifetime Achievement Award – Each year the Award is presented to a Coach who has made a special contribution to the NBA Coaching Profession. The Award commemorates the memory of Hall of Famer Chuck Daly, who over an outstanding NBA coaching career set a standard of integrity, competitive excellence and tireless promotion of NBA basketball. The Award is presented during Game 2 of the NBA Finals

2011: NBA Enhanced 401(k) Plan for Coaches Established

2011: Allen Edmonds On-Court Shoe Program – Allen Edmonds Company supplies shoes to all participating Head Coaches as the “Official On-Court Shoe of the NBCA”

2012: NBA Rules and Competition Committee Reorganized

2013: Joint Licensing (Marketing) Agreement/NBA Properties Inc./NBCA/Increase

2014: NBA Coaches Association Official Website Launched – The opportunity to present NBA Coaches to their fans on-and-off-the-court. A more detailed picture of the Membership “at work” (www.nbacoaches.com)

2014: Focus on Coaches Health & Well Being – NBA Coaches Association appoints Stacy Goldberg as Official Health & Wellness Consultant. Introduction of quarterly health bulletins

2016: NBA Coaches Association / eCoachBasketball, Powered by the NBCA – Agreement between eCoach and NBCA for Coaches to create short form basketball skill, drill, and tip videos to be digitally disseminated globally to change the way the game is taught around the world

2016: Tex Winter Assistant Coach Lifetime Impact Award – The Award honors the tremendous achievement and commitment of Hall of Fame Coach Tex Winter, who over an outstanding NBA coaching career set a standard of integrity, competitive excellence, loyalty, and tireless promotion of NBA basketball. The Award is presented during the NBA Las Vegas Summer League

2016: NBCA/Innocence Project Partnership Initiated – The Innocence Project and Innocence Network work in partnership with the NBCA to develop relationships with Coaches and teams to raise public awareness about wrongful convictions and to advance legal and policy programs that free the innocent and prevent future injustice

2016: Joint Licensing (Marketing) Agreement/NBA Properties Inc./NBCA/Increase

2017: Selection of NBCA Executive Director, David S. Fogel – Association President Rick Carlisle and NBCA Executive Committee unanimously select David S. Fogel as the NBCA’s Full-Time Executive Director

2017: Voluntary Supplemental Retirement/Rainy Day Fund Increase

2017: Michael H. Goldberg NBCA Coach of the Year Award – The Association announces the inception of the Michael H. Goldberg NBCA Coach of the Year Award. The Award is an annual award given to honor the most successful Head Coach in the NBA as voted upon by his or her peers. It will be the only award chosen entirely by NBA Coaches (and not the media)

2017: NBCA/Joseph Abboud Friends & Family Discount Program – The NBCA and Joseph Abboud jointly organized a Friends & Family discount program (40% off) for all NBA personnel (Assistant Coaches, Player Development, Inactive Coaches, Strength & Conditioning Coaches (Head & Assistant), Athletic Trainers (Head & Assistant), League Office Employees, Referees, Retired Players Association Members, Team Front Office Employees, and Team Employees

2017: NBCA/Allen Edmonds Assistant Coach Discount Program – The NBCA and Allen Edmonds jointly organized a discount program (40% off) for all NBA Assistant Coaches who are Members in good standing of the Coaches Association

2018: NBA Enhanced 401(k) Plan for Coaches Increases

2018: NBCA/Allen Edmonds Renegotiate Partnership to Include Assistant Coaches

2018: NBCA Health & Heart Screening for All NBA Coaches – The NBCA organized the first annual FREE Health & Heart Screening for All NBA Head and Assistant Coaches

2018: NBCA Portable Disability Insurance Offering – Exclusive offering for all Coaches to supplement the NBCA’s current LTD insurance through offering personal portable disability coverage to Coaches

2018: Voluntary Supplemental Retirement/Rainy Day Fund Increase

2018: NBCA / NBA / USO Partnership – The NBCA joins the NBA to partner with its long-standing history of working with the military as part of the Hoops for Troops program and its ongoing work with the USO to support service men and women around the globe. Since 2003, NBA Players, Coaches and Legends have visited with active-duty military at bases in Colorado, Egypt, Ireland, Kansas, Kuwait, Nebraska, Qatar, Texas, and United Arab Emirates

2018: NBCA /NBRPA / Jr. NBA Partnership – The Full-Court Press: Prep For Success Clinic is a unique partnership and collaboration between the NBA Coaches Association, the NBA Retired Players Association, the NBA, and the Jr. NBA to host a one-day youth basketball and mentoring clinic for underserved boys and girls, ages 10-16, held in cities across the United States. The program is designed to introduce participating youth to positive role models in both basketball and life, with equal time spent on the basketball court, in the classroom and at a mentoring roundtable as part of a robust curriculum that falls in line with the White House’s “My Brother’s Keeper” initiative

2018: NBCA Original Content Creation / “Coaches Stories” Segments

2019: Voluntary Supplemental Retirement/Rainy Day Fund Increase

2019: NBCA and NBA Jointly Launch The NBA Coaches Equality Initiative – The NBCA and NBA partnered to create a landmark first-of-its-kind joint program to grow the number of highly-skilled coaches in the NBA and ensure a level playing field for the development of all qualified coaching candidates regardless of race, religion, gender or sexual orientation

Coaches Association Overseas Opportunities (Camps, Clinics)

Over 300 Coaches and their staff have participated in overseas opportunities since this program began in 1981. NBA Coaches play a key role in the organization and execution of the basketball camps and competitions run under the umbrella of the NBA’s global “Basketball Without Borders” initiative. Through the efforts of the NBA Coaches Association, NBA Coaches have participated in Coaches clinics in Australia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, China, Haiti, India, Iraq, Israel, Italy, Philippines, Russia, Serbia, South Africa, and Spain as well as other venues.

Coaches Association Television Analyst Initiative

Since 1978 over 200 coaches have secured assignments on network cable or local T.V. broadcasts either on a permanent or seasonal basis.