1976: NBA Coaches Association Founded

1976: Pension Plan Initiated

1986: Disability Plan Initiated

1989: Pension Plan Increase

1990: Voluntary Supplemental Retirement Annuity Plan Initiated: Under management by Morgan Stanley since its inception. These funds are generated and distributed to eligible Coaches from the NBA / NBCA Joint Licensing Agreement.

1991: 401(k) Plan Initiated: Stan Morken / Cantella & Co. retained as NBA Coaches Association benefits consultants.

1993: Pension Plan Increase

1996: ESPN/NBA Matchup: A weekly show produced by NBA Entertainment & aired on ESPN with focus on NBA Coaches. “Coaches Corner” is a segment on each broadcast which showcases current and past NBA Coaches.

1997: Pension Plan Increase

1999: NBA Store “Coaches Corner”: A section of the NBA’s Flagship store on Fifth Avenue in New York City is dedicated to NBA Coaches and their merchandise and publications.

2000: Head Coaches / Officials the Coaches Summit: An Annual meeting jointly organized by the NBA the Coaches Summits: and the NBA Coaches Association between NBA Head Coaches, key Officials and the League Basketball Operations Department. This event permits the parties to communicate and interact “off-the-court” and to discuss rules and other “game” related issues for the upcoming season.

2002: NBA.com / Coaches Corner Active and inactive coaches provide expert analysis for key weekly network television games as a way to promote NBA basketball.

2004: Joint Licensing (Marketing): A three year extension of the Joint Licensing Agreement/NBA Properties Inc. / (Marketing) Agreement between NBA Properties NBCA / Extension Inc. and the NBA Coaches Association was entered into in August of 2004. This agreement now runs through the 2015 / 2016 NBA season. Under the plan, in return for a number of joint marketing initiatives as well as appearances by Head and Assistant Coaches, NBA Properties will provide payment to the NBCA to be distributed through the Association to current members of the NBA Coaches Association (Head and Assistant Coaches) into individual Annuity accounts set up by each Coach as a Supplemental Retirement benefit.

2005: NBA Coaches Association Rules: Formed to create a vehicle for Coaches to have Committee: input into the NBA Basketball Operations Department and the NBA Rules and Competition Committee on suggested change for the betterment of the game.

2007: Pension Plan Increase

2007: NBA Coaches for Kids: Establishment of NBA Coaches Association/Boys & Girls Clubs of America NBA Coaches for Kids Program (In conjunction with team General Managers and NBA Athletic Trainers). This program eventually saw over $2 million donated to the Boys and Girls Club of America. These funds allowed over 200,000 boys and girls club members to attend NBA games and interact with Coaches, Assistant Coaches, and Athletic Trainers, who promoted the Boys and Girls Club message to the attendees.

2008: Joseph Abboud: Marketing relationship / Head Coaches /Joseph Abboud clothing company (www.josephabboud.com)

2008: Chuck Daly Lifetime Achievement Award: Establishment of the NBA Coaches Association Chuck Daly Lifetime Achievement Award.

2010: Hoops for St. Jude: Hoops for St. Jude / NBA Coach Ambassador Program / NBA Hoops for St. Jude Week.

2011: 401K Plan: Establishment of NBA / NBA Coaches Association Enhanced 401K Program.

2011: Allen Edmonds Shoe Co.: Marketing relationship with NBA Head Coaches and Allen Edmonds Shoe Company (www.allenedmonds.com)

2013: NBA Coaches/SiriusXM NBA Radio: NBA Coaches provide content and analysis to NBA fans on this newly launched NBA / Sirius Satellite Radio initiative.

Coaches Association Overseas Opportunities (Camps, Clinics)

Over 300 coaches and assistants have participated in overseas opportunities since this program began in 1981. Two NBA Assistant Coaches participated at the first ever joint NBA-CBA (Chinese Basketball Association) Coaches Clinic Summer 2004. In addition, NBA Coaches play a key role in the organization and execution of the basketball camps and competitions run under the umbrella of the NBA’s global “Basketball Without Borders” initiative. Through the efforts of the NBA Coaches Association, NBA Coaches have participated in Coaches clinics in Bosnia, Brazil, China Haiti, Iraq, Johannesburg, Israel, Italy, Philippines, Russia as well as other venues.

Coaches Association Television Analyst Initiative

Since 1978 over 175 coaches have secured assignments on network cable or local T.V. broadcasts either on a permanent or seasonal basis.

Coaches Association Involvement in ESPN’s NBA Matchup

Since its creation in 1996 over 138 past and present Head and Assistant Coaches have appeared as guests on this nationally broadcast television show, during the “Coaches Corner” segment, providing analysis and insight and showcasing the role of the Coach. (Discontinued.)

The Internet & The Coaches Association / NBA.com Initiative

Since its inception, through the work of the Association, hundreds of active and inactive coaches have been featured on NBA.com providing expert analysis and participating in chat rooms, etc. NBA.com is an outstanding forum for Coaches in between assignments to maintain their profile around the League and the basketball world. Further to this effort, NBA Coaches have been featured in all the NBA’s digital and social media platforms.