Elton Brand: How to Post Up

Two time all star Elton Brand and Philadelphia 76ers assistant coach Jim O’Brien bring you the basics of posting up. Elton Brand was a historically great post player during his 17 year NBA career and wants to help you get better. Elton Brand has an entire collection of post up tips and drills to teach[…]

Kings Assistant Coach Phil Ricci Excited for 2018-19 Season

  “We just have to come in and do our jobs, get these guys ready to go and win games.” That’s the sentiment this season from Kings Assistant Player Development Coach Phil Ricci. After joining Sactown’s coaching staff last season, Ricci says he feels more accustomed to the NBA lifestyle. Gaining invaluable experience from the[…]

Rick Carlisle: Mavs Closeouts

Dallas Mavericks Coach Rick Carlisle introduces you to a defense and conditioning drill known as the “Mavs Closeouts” drill. The name derives from his team’s name and is a good way to help you get conditioned and improve your defensive footwork. The video, along with other defensive videos from Coach Carlisle, are now available on[…]

Hawks Head Coach Lloyd Pierce Able to Make an Impact Through Coaches Clinic

Last month Lloyd Pierce hosted his first coaching clinic as the Hawks Head Coach and the impact the event had was unmeasurable. Pierce is trying to develop a sense of community between local High School and College coaches in the area and the clinic was a great first step. Click here to see more: HEAD COACH[…]