2019 NBCA Int’l Coaches Clinic

Some of the best minds in basketball came together to share ideas at this year’s 2019 NBCA International Coaches Clinic. Hosted in Las Vegas during the NBA Summer League, the clinic was headlined by George Karl, Mike D’Antoni, Nick Nurse and Bill Bertka sharing their wisdom in front of 100+ coaches on the college and[…]

Kenny Atkinson: Hop Reverse Finish Introduction

Brooklyn Nets Coach Kenny Atkinson continues his finishing series. This video focuses on the hop reverse finish. This move is useful when a defender is on your side and you want to surprise them. Coach Atkinson’s full finishing series is available on the eCoachBasketball platform. eCoach Home: eCoachBasketball:

Terry Stotts: Introduction to Reading Flare Screens

Portland Trail Blazers Coach Terry Stotts teaches you how to read the defense when you’re running a flare screen offensive set. It is important to react to the defense’s decisions to get your man open. You can check out the full offensive sets series from Terry Stotts on the eCoachBasketball platform. eCoach Home: eCoachBasketball:[…]

Luke Walton: Rip Through Off the Pin Down Introduction

Coach Luke Walton continues his pin down series. This drill focuses on performing a rip through move after coming off of the pin down screen. The full video, along with Coach Walton’s full Pin Down Series, is available now on the eCoachBasketball platform. eCoach Home: eCoachBasketball: