NEW YORK, April 19, 2018 – The membership of the National Basketball Coaches Association (all Head and Assistant Coaches in the NBA and its alumni group) mourn the passing of Erin Popovich, wife of Coach Gregg Popovich.

Our Coaches are deeply saddened by the loss of Erin Popovich and join the greater NBA community in sending our thoughts and prayers to Coach Popovich, his family, and the entire Spurs organization.

National Basketball Coaches Association President Rick Carlisle released the following statement:

“The NBA Coaches Association mourns the passing of Erin Popovich. We are aware of the great impact Mrs. Popovich had on the Popovich family and the entire Spurs organization. Our sincerest thoughts and prayers go out to the Popovich family and the Spurs franchise during this very difficult time.”

About the NBCA:

The National Basketball Coaches Association (NBCA) is the labor association that represents basketball coaches in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Founded in 1976 by legendary Boston Celtics player and coach, Tommy Heinsohn, the NBCA consists of all NBA Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches and alumni, and works closely with the NBA on all matters that pertain to the coaching profession.