Navigating your way through the grocery store can be a daunting and overwhelming task given today’s food landscape.  Traveling can also add to the complications of having access to a nearby grocery store, getting used to the right grocery stores to frequent as well as identifying which products are really best for you and your diet.  Our goal with this bulletin is to provide some tips on various sections of the grocery store that you may frequent and provide useful tips on making the right choices.

Overall, there are always certain food rules that should apply when making your way through the aisles:

  • Eat whole, unprocessed foods (foods in its purest state) as often as you possibly can.
  • Shop the perimeter of the store and limit the foods you are purchasing in the bakery, frozen food aisle and prepared foods.
  • Look at the ingredient and nutrition facts panel closely.  As a rule of thumb, the less ingredients typically the better off you will be!
  • Make sure your basket or cart is filled with vibrant colors that reflect all different colors of the rainbow.
  • Focus your grocery shopping on nutrient dense foods.  These are foods rich in nutrients compared to their total caloric content.  Aim to get the most caloric bang for your buck!

We hope you found this guide useful and that your next shopping trip to the grocery store will include more healthy foods, regardless of which city or state you are in (home or on the road).  Keep these tips handy in your phone and share these tips with anyone in your family or on your staff that is responsible for grocery shopping.  Our recommendation is to pick 3 action items based on this article that you can implement on your next shopping trip as well as 3 new healthy foods that you can include in your cart or find healthier alternatives to.


Our Nutritionist Stacy Goldberg is available to take you, your family or your organization on a grocery store tour to best learn how to navigate and select the foods that are right for you or your team.  For more information, contact Stacy at 248-563-2920 or