Nancy Lieberman’s 6th Annual “Dream Ball” set for February 20th

Expectations create challenges. When people anticipate you’ll deliver something, you kind of have to do it. Basketball Hall-of-Famer Nancy Lieberman made a career out of going beyond the norm, from making an Olympic team as a high schooler to playing in men’s leagues to coaching in the NBA. When she started a charity, she wanted[...]

Kevin Garnett hired as a consultant with the LA Clippers

Since retiring from the NBA in September, Kevin Garnett has become a fixture on TNT’s “Inside the NBA,” where he regularly offers up his insight and analysis. But Garnett still has that desire to be a bit more hands-on with the NBA, which is why he has accepted an offer to become a consultant with the Clippers. Garnett will mainly be working in a[...]

Rockets Honor Sam Cassell for 50th Season Anniversary

The Houston Rockets honored Los Angeles Clippers assistant coach Sam Cassell during a game between the two teams on December 30, 2016.  Cassell played in Houston the first 3 seasons of his career, helping them earn NBA championships in his first 2.

Darrell Walker brings NBA experience and new attitude to Clark Atlanta University

There’s a wind of change coming to Clark Atlanta University, a historically black university in the heart of Atlanta — change coming by way of the school’s Division II men’s basketball program and its new head basketball coach, Darrell Walker. “Just because you’re in Division II doesn’t mean you have to act like it,” said Walker[...]