Hawks Head Coach Lloyd Pierce Able to Make an Impact Through Coaches Clinic

Last month Lloyd Pierce hosted his first coaching clinic as the Hawks Head Coach and the impact the event had was unmeasurable. Pierce is trying to develop a sense of community between local High School and College coaches in the area and the clinic was a great first step. Click here to see more: HEAD COACH[…]

Steve Kerr: Shooting Series Introduction

Golden State Warriors Coach Steve Kerr is here to teach you how to properly should a basketball. Coach Kerr is an all time great shooter and is now the coach of three all time great shooters in Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Kevin Durant. Steve Kerr’s shooting series a variety of different drills and workouts[…]

Lionel Hollins Hosts Coaching Clinic with NBA Italy in Trieste

Last Friday in Trieste, Lionel Hollins and NBA Italy hosted a coaching clinic that was a huge success. The feed back received from the Federation and coaches was outstandingly positive. The clinic hosted 220 coaches and was streamed live online as well. The main focus of the clinic was player development and offensive/defensive strategy. After[…]