Del Harris Organizes First Ever NBA-Type Basketball Coaching Clinic in India

NBA Coaches Association Member Del Harris continues to influence the game of basketball globally and recently conducted the first ever NBA-type basketball coaching clinic in Chellanam, located in Southern India. Chellanam when translated, means “place where no one goes”. The article below was written by the Times of India and details his involvement. Del Harris Conducts Basketball Clinic[…]

Brad Stevens delivers commencement speech at Butler graduation

Stevens and the bouncy trampoline While addressing students during Butler University’s commencement on Saturday in Indianapolis, Boston Celtics coach Brad Stevens referenced his first season in the NBA as a lesson in overcoming adversity. “I just participated and was part of a season that didn’t go very well,” said Stevens. “And it was really interesting[…]

Raptors sign coach Dwane Casey to 3-year extension

TORONTO (AP) — Dwane Casey never wondered what kind of suitors he might attract after leading the Raptors to a record-setting season and a division title. He already knew he wanted to stay in Toronto. The Raptors made Casey’s return official Tuesday, announcing a three-year contract extension for the coach whose team won a franchise-best 48[…]

Magic extend Head Coach Jacque Vaughn’s contract

Magic Extend Contracts of General Manager Rob Hennigan and Head Coach Jacque Vaughn ORLANDO – Working in close concert the past two years, GM Rob Hennigan and head coach Jacque Vaughn have assembled and developed a foundation of promising players that should allow the Orlando Magic to make major strides in the years to come.[…]