New Style for the 2020-21 NBA Season

Great work by Cam Wolf of GQ in illustrating the NBA’s latest decision to allow Coaches the ability to wear a more casual look on the sidelines for the 2020-21 NBA Season. This change to wardrobe guidelines is thematic of the NBCA and NBA’s continuous efforts to work collaboratively on items both on and off[…]

The Orlando Magic and Steve Clifford Hosted a Clinic for 75 Local Kids

ORLANDO – Imagine you’re a kid, you’ve recently started playing basketball and Evan Fournier gives you ball handling advice, Nikola Vucevic shows you how to box out and grab rebounds, Jonathan Isaac explains to you the art of making driving layups and Steve Clifford demonstrates how to get into a proper defensive stance. A dream[…]

Michael H. Goldberg Bow Tie Tribute

NEW YORK – The membership of the National Basketball Coaches Association (all Head and Assistant Coaches in the NBA and its alumni group) is honored to announce the following Michael H. Goldberg Bow Tie Tribute. In memory of the iconic Michael H. Goldberg, all NBA Head and Assistant Coaches and members of the media will[…]

Hornets associate head coach designs shoes to support breast cancer awareness

You can’t miss Patrick Ewing on the Hornets practice court and not just because he’s a hall of famer with over 24,000 career points. Breast cancer hits home for Hornets assistant coach Patrick Ewing, whose two older sisters were diagnosed with the disease. One of his sisters, Pauline, passed away. During the month of October, he’s[…]